1. Who can be a member of IAS?

Adult who agrees to the primary Objectives and Governance structure can be a member by registering & paying yearly membership fee.

2. What is the benefit being an IAS member?

All registered members are entitled to participate in all cultural event/get-together, use the free facilities provided by Kommune, participate in all initiatives conducted by IAS.

3. What is Voluntary Group and how are the initiatives are decided?

Voluntary Group is a permanent/event-based team supporting the IAS initiatives such as cultural events, integration of new arrivals, coaching of languages, sports, hobbies, etc... The initiatives are decided based on members interest and available volunteers. We can use the Kommune free/subsidized facilities for these initiatives. IAS will not pay any fee for those voluntary activities such as coaching, supporting cultural activities, etc.,

4. Do we need to pay anything in addition to the yearly membership fee?

IAS is a non-profitable organization. The registration fees are collected to run the association (cultural activities and other initiatives). If required/needed we will collect minimal charge for cultural events since Kommune will support free/subsidized facilities.

Note: For any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Board Members.