The Indian Association of Sønderborg is established to promote unity, understanding and close communication among the people of Indian origin and to establish a better understanding of Indian culture in the local communities. The Association is a non-profit organization and its operation shall meet regulatory requirements applicable to such organizations. The Association is a secular organization. Any person with roots in India and an interest in Indian culture is eligible to become a member and participate in Association activities.


The main objective of Indian Association in Sønderborg is to promote Social, Cultural, Intellectual and the general welfare of its members. It takes all efforts possible to keep the Indian community rooted to its Indianness by regularly organising cultural events and Indian festivities .

Vision / Mission

The vision and mission of Indian Association of Sønderborg is to encourage and promote cultural and social interactions among the members and all those interested in Indian culture and heritage .

IAS Board Members

Mrs. Kalaivani Jayakumar

Formand (Chairman)

Mrs. Vibha Bhan

Kasserer (Treasurer) 

Mr. Siva Sai Vijaya Bhaskar Kankipati

Sekretær (Secretary)

Mr. Sanjay Radhakrishna Pai 

Medlem 1 (Administrator)

Mr. Achuthan Babu

Medlem 2 (Volunteer Co-ordinator)

Mrs. Priyadharshini Shanmugasundaram

Medlem 3 (Legal and Communication)

Mr. Kabileshkumar Cheetancheri Gopinathan

Medlem 4 (Kommune Relations)

Mr. Shankarganesh Neelakandan

Suppleanter 1 (Substitute 1)

Mr. Vijay Patil 

Suppleanter 2 (Substitute 2)

Mr. Jagdish Tembhurnikar

Auditør (Auditor)