Indian Association Sønderborg

Indian Association Sønderborg is a non-profit organization which was formed with the main objective to promote social and cultural activities within the Indian community. To help and Guide the newcomers from India to integrate with the Danish society and sharing information which will help them in smooth transition to Sønderborg.

Purpose of the association

To represent as an Indian society in Sønderborg. We celebrate the Diversity and Cultural Heritage by organizing events and cultural parties. We also support sports activities, integration of new arrivals, coordinating social networks and uniting all activities for children and adults from India who live in Sønderborg Kommune.

To create positive relationships and better cultural awareness between Indian, Danish and international expats residents.

The above objectives are achieved by keeping the following activities for everyone regardless of their background and number of days of stay in Denmark

• Support each other by coaching/ helping to learn Danish language

• Help in settling down

• Introduction to systems for schools, kindergartens, and Danish culture

• Improve Indian language skills for children

• Help with job search 

6th AGM 2024

IAS 6th Annual General Meeting 2024

Indian Association, Sønderborg held its 6th Annual General Meeting 2024 on 10th March 2023 between 15.15 to 16.45. New member nominations were open for the various open positions in the board and was filled in by eager members ready to take on the challenge. For details refer to the below link. 

Link to AGM_MOM>>

Registration of the new calendar year 2023-24 is now open. Please use the link below to renew your existing membership or to enroll yourself as a member of IAS. 

Registration Link>>

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